About Me

Hello! My name is Tricia. I am a mother of two boys, and one step-daughter. My family is engulfed in the virtual community and I can’t seem to escape it either, maybe I am the one to blame. Besides that, I’ve always had a want to write and share my thoughts to connect with people who can automatically connect with me without going through an awkward introduction or face to face meet. Yes I am an awkward person at first but once I’m comfortable with an individual, and it doesn’t take long, you’ll see my firecracker side.

A little about my personal goals, I aspire to be a Realtor and help obtain a home for anyone in any stature. I, myself, have a goal to have a house of my own at the age of 30 and by calculations I’m two years away from needing to accomplish that goal. I’m not far off, I’ve eliminated bills and cleared a lot of debt the past few years and can say I am 80% debt free. I work between part and full time and a big name retail store and want to get out of it to have more time with my family and put more focus into my dream job. Times ticking, and with a positive mindset anything is achievable. Follow me here to see my growth and read my philosophy.




Now I am in no way an expert on life, but I feel that I have a wise soul. For years and years I feel that old soul has been living set in its grumpy old woman ways. I want to change that and for anyone who wants change as well. Living with a negative mindset hurts you more than anyone. I have seen on the other end of a positive thinking individual that, things happen for them in ways that bring them opportunities of better futures, better lifestyle, I envy it. Since I have picked up on the ways of genuine positivism, and thinking, the door knobs to opportunities have jiggled at me.



Through this experience I hope to not only grow myself but to help everyone out there grow. Find inner peace within themselves, that everything is going to be alright, you just have to create it. Grow with me and travel through this life on the path to positivism.


Positive Simplicity

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